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Head Gasket

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Anyone know where I can buy a new one at a good price?
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Have you ever actually bought anything from them? i tried to buy something a long time ago but never got anything and also never got charged and it still shows my order when i log in. let me know
hmmm. 62 buck for a head gasket?

Maybe times have changed, but the last time a bought a head gasket, I payed $23.

Thanks for the link, I did find some parts that I have been looking for.
Hold up.

I have a few bad valve seals on my head, so I was going to use another head that I have. However i just saw that the seals only cost $3, and it would be way cheaper to replace the seals. Right? I never replaced seals on an installed head before, but I can borrow an air compresser from someone.
That is why I said I use them. Everything Ive ordered was received in 3-4 days and they are very quick to respond to emails.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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