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Headlights not passing inspection

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I went to get my car inspected today and I have those PIAA H4 extreme white whatever headlight bulbs. Apparently they aren't allowed b/c they don't say "DOT" on them so the mechanic said I needed some other ones. So I went back to my apt., popped in the factory ones....went back down...passed inspection...drove back and put the PIAAs back in. No big deal...just a heads up if anyone is in the same situation and going to get inspected soon.
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ILLINOIS > where you live
Your mechanic sucks.

Mine only asks me one question: "is this a car for you, or will you be selling it?"

If the answer is "mine to use" then he lets everything but holes in the floors, lights, and brakes pass without looking. He knows I know what i'm doing ;):
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