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i bought my 1998 tiburon just a month ago, and i had been having problems getting it into 1st gear, so i had some one look at it and they ajusted the cables to the linkage, that worked wonders for about a week or so then just last night i was driving it and all of a sudden at a stop light i went to put it into 1st and it wouldnt go i had some one else look at it and the found the problem wasnt from the linage iinside the car i.e. form th shifter, but from the linkage connecting to the tranny.see one cable(side to side) controlls the linkage levels, and the other(up and down) controll which gear on that level it is in, so the top level would be 5th and reverse, the middle level being 3rd and 4th, and the bottom level would be 1st and 2nd. now is the peice that connects the cable to thw shift rod has broken off , is that a recall and/or a common problem with this model?:ermm: please reply i need help......

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Ive never heard of them breaking.. did the adjuster go a little to far?
It's just a clip that breaks off sometimes. Spikie's broke off several times.

It's the same linkage as in 1990-1994 excel and 1995 1999 accent, not to mention any manual Beta. They can be obtained from junkyards anywhere for a cheap price.
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