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Hello! New member :D

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Hello! New member :D UPDATE december 07)

The car isn't mine anymore! :( I blew it

Hello, my name is Alex, im from Québec, Canada and i'm only 18. (that's why my english isn't perfect eheh
It's also my 2nd Hyundai.
So here is the car that i just bought 1 month ago..., i bought it like that...
A Hyundai Accen-T 1996
Yep... it's a 1.5l sohc turbo with a GT28R and a front mount intercooler.
It's actually running 20 psi.
There is a very long list of modz... like:
GT28R turbo
front mount intercooler
stainless intercooler piping
turboXS BOV
injectors spacers
355cc BOSCH injector
255 walbro fuel pump
2.5'' mendrel bent exhaust line
7.8:1 low compression ratio pistons from a scoope 1.5T
KYB gr-2 shock 4 corners
coils apex 1.7'' drop
2 strut tower bars
tiburon 2001 15'' wheels with 205/50r15 Falken Azenis rt-615
99 tail light
99 spoiler
99 side skirt
tiburon front brakes
Sleeper eheh!

Here it is:

And then there is my first car... also a Hyundai Accent x3
It was a 1.5 sohc... the same engine as the 1.5T but almost stock
I loved that car... but wanted someting more powerfull
I modified it all myself...
Here it is:

(more pics on Saumon racing style guetto JDM 1996)
That's the couple ahah
Now the black one is sold

Wish i could have the money to put the 1.5T into the black X3
There is a lot of change to come after the winter, summer 07...
New wheels, complete paint job, disc brake on the rear
Yeah!! Can't wait to see all the changes eheh
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That's cool. I really like the looks of the black Accent, too bad you had to sell it. I'll bet the red one rips right along though at 20 PSI.:D
20 psi :eek:

Great car!!!
How much miles you have with the engine tuned to 20psi?:D
160 000 km
100 000 miles
That engine is completely stock... and it runs #1!!!!
That engine is also F/I for now 4 year :D
The previous owner killed 1 trany, and 1 piston... while there was no forged low compression pistons
I love the setup
It's old skool but works very well
About 220hp to the flywheel and 240lb-ft of torque :D
The previous owned already did a 13.6 with M/T and a Garrett t25 turbo at 17 psi but broke a "cardant" (in french)
I think you call it a CV sumtin.... a dunno... (its in the direction)
cardant=tranny i think :)

160000km with tuned car to 20PSI or 160000km all in all?

Wish i will have something like this one day under the hood :rolleyes:

Keep up the good work.
no its a CV joint! TRany is french is Transmission ;)
Here is 2 small video of the car :) )the previous owned did it
The car they are racing with is a Ford Mustang GT BONE STOCK 265hp
In description, you can see 21 psi but actually he did the run at 23 psi but with a t25!! eheh The engine can take 26 psi ;)

and the sound of the car :) (probably what i enjoy the most of that car, hot damn sounds great...
That BOV sounds a little funny, but the exhaust sounds
eheh the BOV sound isn't so funny anymore.. has changed, its more...i dont know how to say it... deep :p ;) At low rpm sound like a SSQ bov :p
wootness. that is one sexy car right there! It makes me vein beacoup. Lol at my broken french.
ahah what did u say?? Or try to say ahah!!!
very nice kinda sounds like you have a squeeky toy stuck in your
it' ain't's grapefruit..or blood orange...

i likey
yeah looks red to me:cool:
ahah yeah... it's a kind of cameleon paint ahah
It's orange during the night...
Red on cloudy days
and an old looking pink during a hot summer day with the sun at his best ahah

This paint ain't on my car for long... summer 07, the car will be painted of one of these:
-Blue viper (kind of metalic and electric blue..)
-Flat black with a clear so it looks clean... (a beautyful flat black... not the flat black we see on civic that has been painted with cans lol)
-Or.... i let it on the primer ahah :D
yeah go with the gun metal colour...with a dark rim....would look sweet:D
Sweet car man.
thx ya'll :D It's apreciated eheh
sweet, i always wondered whos car that was on street fire
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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