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Can anyone suggest any diagnoses for the following???

I have a 96 x3 SOHC with only a K & N air filter and some slightly larger injectors.

The other night car was difficult to start (apparently it took the missus 4 tries a couple of days before that).

Idled really rough and low (500 - 700 rpm), stalled under heavy deceleration. Thought it might be a blocked injector so added some cleaner when I filled it with Shell VPower. Worse. Stuttering now as well - really jerky.

Leave the car at mum's borrow her car for the evening. Pick our car up to drive home - same problem - CHEWING petrol now. Being in car cabin smells like standing behind my Victa lawn mower - car drives like my Victa too... and is now blowing smoke that smells like that of my Victa.

Mobile mechanic comes saturday, spends an hour checking everything from front to back and eventually agrees with my suggestion that it's possibly blocked injectors, with those that aren't blocked trying to force fuel through and thus flooding.

Have injectors replaced, new oil filter, new fuel filter, engine flush, oil change - pretty much the full service. Before that the last service was about 55,000km ago (pathetic, I know) Car seems fine - still smells like Victa though - must be the new larger injectors running rich me thinks - will reset ECU when I get home.

Fill up again tonight - back to being Mr Victa... Smoke, flooding etc etc.

Check the coolant for bubbles, no bubbles. (trouble shoot for head gasket)
Check the map sensor pipes - all connected.
Reset ECU - no better.
Take O2 sensor off, blow on it a few times, no difference.

Any suggestions? i.e "Time to buy a Beta!" Smile

Thanks guys!
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