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Help.IM a NOOB

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Ok, So i just got a 97 tib. Here is my question. The car didnt come with a wiring harness for the radio, just a bunch of wires that appeared to be hooked up directly to an aftermarket headunit. I tried to repeat this process with my headunit, and i had no luck. I checked all the fuses, and they were good. So does anyone have a wiring diagram for this vehicle. Thanks. Brandon
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there's a fuse under your hood check that. make sure you have it hooked up right to. cuase the wires are confusing.
THAT WAS IT! Thank you so much. Stayed tuned, im sure ill have a TON more questions about these lil cars. I was a minitrucker before...So i only know trucks, not cars. LOL THanks again
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