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It all depends on what you are going for!

If you wanna be an autoX fanatic and canyon carver, go for suspension mods, a short shifter, and some lightweight rims 16" to 17" in diameter with good tires (Kuhmo's, nitto's, toyo, bridgestone potenza's, yokohamas, etc).

Show car type? Get a nice bodykit, slam it, BIG rims, lights, audio, etc. Remember tho, less is more.

Wanna drag? Do a lot of internal engine work (pistons, head, port&polish, rods, crank, blueprint, balance) and then add NOS/Boost gratuitously after months of dyno tning and several destroyed engines/trannies.

Basically decide on what you want your ride to look like, how it should handle, how it sounds (musically and mechanicaly), and how fast you wanna go. Planning is the mos important thing you can do to have your car come out how u want it.

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