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help with electrical....

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Any ideas as to cause and possible solution?
My "hatch open" dash light is on constantly in my 01 accent, except, of course, when i apply the brakes (lol) then it turns off. let go of brakes, back on. Off. on. off. on. Sumpin's up.
Had to pull the trunk light. Thanks for any and all responses!
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thats kinda backwards for it to be an actual problem with the latch itself. Just to be sure check the latch. Some kind of strange short? Thats gonna be a PITA to find I think. Good luck. Maybe its happened to someone else here who can be more help than I have been.
I think it's related to the ETCM (not ECM computer)
try unplugging it, it's behind your left side coin compartment. it can be swing down with it opened, and pull both of the bump stopper inward. that's the easiest way.
or u can take the entire cover off with 5 screws and 2 clips.
If it's a negative powered switch then I would check the ground in the back of the car. Check the ground wire for the switch that is attatched to the latch.;): It probably isn't but if it is then there's your problem.
Thanks for the quick responses, guys. I was a member quite a while ago, just got back on. I'm gonna try screwing around with the latch (whenever this rain ends), see if there is a ground wire issue going on. Let you know how it comes out. Thanks again!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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