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Help with strange problem

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With the maf plugged in, my engine will bog and sputter. It will climb rpms only under light throttle. Impossible to drive on the street.

With the maf UNplugged, it runs fine. It climbs smoothly to the redline. seems to have no power below 2500 rpms. Will not idle. Driveable on street (keep rpms up for idle)

I reset the ecu multiple times. I switched out the maf for another one. I think it has to be ecu/sensor related.

Anyone have a spare 1.8 ecu?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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I would check the output voltage of the maf both at the maf and the ecu (pin 42)( It should be around .80 or so at idle and rev to see how its acting. It may sound odd but check all your fuses inside/outside the car. Did you completely reset the ecu when you changed out the maf? Have you made any changes to the car recently before this problem occured?
I just instaled this engine.

I have so far switched the TPS and the MAF.

It is having problems from idle to start the rpm climb. It will climb only if I give it extremely light throttle. Heavy throttle will bog down and stall
I have a spare 1.8 ecu, it is a rev a from a 97 elantra or something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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