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here's 1 for ya

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i bought this car about 4 months ago. story from the dealer was the engine has had some work, and the head was upgraded. brob is, there is a o2 sensor in the exhaust pipe (after the cat), but the wires r cut. the wiring harness is connected to another o2 sensor, which is ziptied to a hose. car is running alittle rich, and am getting about 400kfrom full to gas light. a new o2 would improve all that prob, but my check engine light never comes on, and my code scanner isnt picking it up.
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What are your plans for this car? If its just for transportation go to the junk yard and get that part of the wire harness and reinstall.
i just bought a new o2, put it in, milage is the same, but running cleaner. gets upto 120mph pretty quick. stayed beside a eagle talon all the way. its silver, lowered, euro tailights, i've already taken the headlights apart, clear lenses, darkened the crome and added an orange bulb. and the headlights have blue bulbs in them. can't upload the pics though. whats your ride like?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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