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Hi-Q Brake pads for sale on request.
Genuine Hyundai products: They are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) who supplies brake pads to Hyundai, Kia and Chevrolet.
Sangsin brake pads (Hi-Q) is one of Korea’s Largest Brake’s leading brands, renowned globally for their superior quality with their ceramic brake’s technology. Manufactured and Imported from South Korea. State the implied model and model year to get a quote.

- Ceramic material
- Non-Asbestos Disk Brake Pad
- Clean wheel control
- Anti-noise - Silent braking
- Noise control through the use of top of the range shims
- Reduced disc rotor’s wear and damage
- NO Wheel Contamination: Only slightest trace of dust on wheels
- Longer brake pad and rotor’s life
- 100% made in South Korea
- Covers a wide range of Australian Vehicles


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