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Good news for those of you that have the dreaded H11b bulb..I successfully converted from H11b to an H11 5000K HID kit. :)

Modifications from H11b to H11 were extremely simple, as long as you don't mind modifying a small part of your headlight assembly.

Here is the inside of my Sonata's headlights before the conversion. This uses the H11b bulb, which has two prongs sticking out of the side to slide into that connector. If the HD headlight assemblies look like this, then you can do the same thing I did.

I took out those three screws holding in the H11b base:

I then slid the bulb connector off of the base:

I broke off those tabs, which will essentially turn that base into a normal H11 base, allowing any normal H11 bulb to screw into it.

Drilled holes..

Ran wires...

Pictures of the's a small one. ;)

Comparing stock headlights to HID's...

This should apply to ANY Hyundai that uses the H11b...'09+ Sonatas, 07+ Elantras, etc.
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