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High revs when idling 2009 Tucson 2.7L

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After starting my Tucson it idles ok, but after about 1-2 minutes it will idle high (actually will bounce between 2500-4000) for 3-4 minutes. If you drive it at that time, it will lurch and sometimes stall out. It won't start up right away, but it you wait 5 minutes, it will start normally and run as it should. Once the vehicle is warmed up, it works fine. I've had error coded for high idle and throttle air intake sensor errors, but I checked both that and the throttle position sensor and both are good. Cleaned the air intake and look for a vacuum leak, nothing there. It only has 180 000km and the body is in fantastic shape. Anyone have thoughts on what might be causing this?
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The best thing is to have a professional mechanic look at the car.
Please did you buy the car new? If not, you can try to get the history of the car for a possible hint of what might be the issue.
Thank you.
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