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Holy moly! My login still works!!! It's been like 4 years!!!!

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Hello everyone. I am doing some searches, and see I have been talked about long after I am gone. Just to update everyone and answer questions if you are curious. Chrome is long gone. That was a big mistake :)

I installed a full roll cage, and I also wrapped the from underneath. Car still runs great. Did a lot to stiffen up the body.

Reason I am back though after a long, I was looking for a K&N cone filter. In this store, I saw a K&N filter... and it looks like the default cone one, but it says they are made for certain models, so I was wondering about that.

But, after my forum log in worked (woah, I even still remembered the password!) I just had to say hi to everyone.

:) hello
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oh my god. please dude, sign up at ;):

im sure there are many people that will have questions.
i don't think it's been that long has it? i remember seeing your screen name? maybe that was a long time ago... welcome back. from the past. I actually posted up a bunch of old pics your car over at Hyundai Aftermarket. :) I found the old conversations the other day too when I first gave you all the tips and help on doing the targa top. :lol: Glad to see you took it to the next step and stiffened everything up on the car. Bet handles great now. :devious:

I remember you WytchDctr.

And I do think it's been a long time. My wife wasn't even pregnant I think with our first son. He just had his third birthday, and she's pregnant again. So, it's been a while.

Sad thing though. I never drive my tiburon... it's garaged, babied. But it just doesn't work with a kid (and one more on the way) In the last 3 years, I probably have put 2,000 miles on it. I hope to get some more in this summer, but I dunno. I use it so little, I have conteplated selling it lately. :eek:

Crazy huh?

And visionz... what was your name at SR? 2lowtibby or something?

Is Rob still around?
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Originally posted by ravdav
Is Rob still around?

Of course I am :)

Good to see you back. Where are you living these days?
Well now there's a sight for sore eyes! :D
hehe 8D

I'm back in Roy, UT. Did some utah, different utah, more utah, colorado, utah, and then we bought a house in Roy. So I think we will be here for a little bit. We're going on our year anniversary in our home. Long I think we've stayed in one place hehe. We were only in vegas for like 7 months.

rob? you got a tiburon? Wow... I really need to spend some time just reading and catching up!
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