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Hood Stand Offs?

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Ive seen this done on cars before and it looks alright, but what are the + and/or -'s of it.
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Vents heat out of the engine bay and you dont have to cut louvers into it.

Looks like you have been in a wreck.

do you mean hood nuts, where the back is lifted?

In a front end collision.. you will be decapitated. (I've seen pictures.. not very nice). Also the crumple zone in your hood is no longer there, it just becomes a guillotine.
Wow good to know.
I have mine done and it looks pretty kewl. I Live in Ontario though and local garage did it for me because I didn't want the damn thing to fly off or be the cut edge of a knife through the windshield. It looks pretty kewl I think it stands nicely. I didn't pay much for it to be done I prob could of done it myself but I have two really nice chrome plated wires that are attached to another part of the hood incase of accident.
thats hood pins..

he is talking about hood 'spacers'

plastic washers that bump up the rear of the hood to help cool the engine.
LOL... you think I would know the diffirent between hood pins and hood spacers. Under the hood in the Engine compartment there is a set of wires from the Hood to the Hood Bracket Assembly for the front end crumples that happen to some at some time. Hood pins are usually at the front of the car and have a hole drilled through the hood. Usually there are plates you attach to the hood ( though I have seen some people not put these on, not sure why). I don't have those.

I would waste my money on hood pins unless I was making a very fast Ford. Other then that Hood pins are not what I have.

Not to be a dick but most of your replies make you sound like you know everything and everyone else knows nothing.
not to be a dick, but he has been around here a lot longer than you, and i for that matter. just the way you said kinda sounded like you were describing hood pins. i'm not judging, just noticing that he has over 2100 posts and you have 9. just a little misunderstanding, calm down new guy.

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I have reread my post and will say sorry. Just to clarify though I think people should read profiles.. the guy part is wrong.
If you're going to do it, do it right, use longer bolts with the correct thread spacing (Do not re-use the OEM bolts, or else your hood DOES become a guillotine) and use metal washers for spacing as well as rubber washers to keep vibration to a minimum, or you'll constantly be tightening your hood down ( i know from experience )
What? I cant help it if i know everything.
Correction wilburisthecoolest, Between Me, You and Vamp we know everything...
Yeah, i supose. Dont forget Jed. He knows alot too.
It's ok i don't know crap....i don't want to know crap....
Why do you want hood spacers? Do you have a turbo that is making UBER L337 Heat? If not, you probably don't need hood spacers in the first place... It makes a car look like they were in an accident. Save up for REAL mods.

But again, its your car =). Just some helpful constructive advice.
^^^^ And thats why I ask questions first instead of doin stupid sh!t that could get me killed.
Originally posted by atrimble_2001
^^^^ And thats why I ask questions first instead of doin stupid sh!t that could get me killed.
Meh... I'm a big one for the Darwin theory. Put an end to safety scissors!
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