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Hi guys,

I'm trying to perform an ATF drain and refill for my mom's 2007 Sonata 2.4L i4 but I can't find the hose that connects the transmission and the oil cooler. According to hmaservice, the oil cooler is within the radiator but it doesn't show any diagrams. I've never done an ATF drain before so I don't know what I'm looking for.

I crawled underneath the Sonata and found a small heatsink that is located in front of the radiator (looks like a heatsink for a CPU). It has two hoses attached to it. Is that the oil cooler? If so, do I disconnect those hoses directly from the oil cooler or do I disconnect the hose that connects the transmission and the oil cooler at some other location? Any pictures, if available or could be taken, would be greatly appreciated.

I've finished doing all the items on her 30,000 miles service list except for the ATF drain and a new fuel tank air filter.

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