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How are Hyundai's doing in AUS?

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Just wondering.. I remember Hyundai being a popular tuning car in around 1998. Especially the Tiburon and the Excel. How are they doing now? How do they compare to the Japanese?
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Well Hyundai is Doing pretty Good In australia ... well with the small cars the GETZ one best car of the year again i think which beat other cars like Holden , ford and some europien cars which is great !... in the modifying sence We are still gettn there i think just manly because over here they love there s15's and skyline and WRX which to me are wayyyyyy overrated and wayy to many around which gets boring to see the same crap every day .... there are people out there doing up there hyundai's these i see alot of Accent 00-05 models been done up which is great Excel yeah heaps of them around and the tibi's and coupes and that ...

People think because u own a hyundai thats its a **** box .... which to me there not educated when they say it first off hyundai is built in one of the most hight tec factory's around which was proven many times magazines and TV ... there stuff is way ahead then other companies Toyota and all those other rice car factorys... i personally hate Nissan 200sx ... worst cars around to me !anyways i still think Hyundai is doing pretty good In Aus And some people might agree with me and not agree but anyways! laterz !
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i think id be one of those people that doesent agree with you excelking

the hyundai modifying scene went from a few issues of a mag devoted to it, to rarely seeing a modded car. The main drawcard for hyundai was affordability. Other cars are now seen as just as affordable.

I made the switch to a 2001 wrx (known as a MY02 model in the US) and i can understand why people buy them. Its a fast car thats somewhat comfortable, quiet inside and practical. Basically can be made into an 11 second car with "off the shelf" parts. Same goes for 200sx, evo, skylines etc...

Dont get me wrong, i still own my 96 excel, its still fun to drive and i dont REALLY want to sell it (although i will when an offer comes along).
theres a few "done up" ones flying around... but nothing spectacular :??:
i havent heard of anyone doing any sirious modifications to their hyundais in a long while, a cople of years ago there was never less than a few at any one time...

bretton at psc would be able to give you a better idea on what demand is like atm.

i myself am defecting from hyundai now, $35000 worth of turbo powered, 13 second, 2003 hyundai accent is now worth all of $10000. and bottom line, that is why i think not many people will be hevily moding hyundais in the future.
I have some old issues of "Hot 4's" magazine . They are from like 1997-1998. They had many Hyundai's. Then I saw another recent Australian 4 cylinder magazine, not one Hyundai..... it like died down :(
Don't Worrie Hopfully One day.. Hyundai's Wil be At The Top.. But yeah For Now Gotta Say its Low .... and what t-wing Said Bout value Yeah that sucks man ...
Im modding a Hyundai...

Lets just say...

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th...

Wheel spin :)

My lil beast is going turbo! :)
Originally posted by CROOOL_LANTRA
theres a few "done up" ones flying around... but nothing spectacular :??:
That's what we need to change.... from 'a few' to 'alot', and 'nothing spectacular' to 'attention grabbing showstoppers'
The consumer mentality has to change, and turn Hyundai into a cult brand that has a name like Honda, Nissan, BMW etc, being a reliable platform for modifying and going the distance with the other marques.
Alot of people say they love thier Hyundai's but if given the chance would easily step into a WRX or V-tec Prelude. Hyundai are slowly doing well with new designs and technology but there will still be a long road for people like us to crank it up a notch and be competitive with these other enthusiasts, and be regarded as equals
I seriousky want to make my car spectacular... And make it recognised that Hyundai can keep up or even beat Jap imports!

Lets just say... George Serovski will change the name of Hyundai in NSW and hopefully Australia! :D
My 2 cents. I would never have bought a Hyundai. I saw the Lantra and my misses said (instantly) economy. Damn I said, but she was right. I test drove another car befor I went to test drive the lantra. Let me say the Lantra was a much better performer.
I steped out of my Mildy worked Sigma into this unmodified economical little car. WOW. Man this thing has some balls. So an exhuast system and a rough go at CAI made by myself I am now pushing 97 HP at the wheels and couldn't be happier.
This car has eaten standard looking Imprezas, smashed a V6 Magna but sadly was no match for a fully bombed 308 Torana hatch. But what car would be??
I love my Little, Economical Sensible car.
Hyundai is doing well, but still under the stereotype that it's a cheap quality car. Most car reviews on Hyundai's in Australia are biassed, think that they have had a million years of experience with Hyundai but they know jack. Any sort of assessment on a hyundai car for a car review is done by some bogan who takes it for a two minute spin at rediculous out-of-the-normal driving behaviour and claims the car is below standards for normal driving. Any new style or functionality is deemed "too try-hard" or "a European mimic"

The new Sonata and Grandeur will help little on Hyundai's image problem.

The only way to fix it's image is to stick to conservative colours, traditional squarer rear end and bring out rear-wheel-drive models to satisfy all the country bumpkins here. The majority of Australia still lives in the past, what can we do....Give the people what they like, Ford box-like-design and European mediocrity.
Hyundais are a great budget car and thats image everyone has of them. They really shoudl release here a hot hatch that would compete well with whats available from the european brigade like the 120kw renault clio sport, 140kw astra, 120kw minicooper s . Hell even the jap cars are pocket rockets like the corolla sportivo with 140kw, integra type s 140kw etc.

Instead they release piss weak 75kw eccents and getz which have trouble going through the gears with the aircon on! I also really wished the tiburon would come out with a decent high outout motor, instead they released it with a 2.7l with only 127kw to move 1300kg, the power to weight just isnt there. If they bring out somthing wild, the hyundai name would be much more popular here.
What ever happened to the new Accent RS 1.9, which according to Hyundai is available everywhere except in the UK, where it will be available late Sept/Oct 2007, when I think it will be two years out of date, has happened with the Getz, it was released in Asia and most of Europe in 2000, but in the UK, 2002, again its outdated. from what I have read about the Accent RS, is that it is a very fast, well equipped car, but in the UK along comes the Fiat Grande Punto 1.9, a lot cheaper than the predicted price of the Accent, a lot better equipped and a lot fast faster 129 mph, 0-62 in under 9 secs, again it seems Hyundai have missed out. Just a afterthought, there will be a new Kai Ceed 1.9 and a new Yaris 1.8 coming onto the market this year.
I reckon something along the lines of a MR2-type model with a turboed 2.0L Beta or an AWD turbo Elantra would help.
hmmm. my excel was doing so good untill a kawasaki 1100 zzr...( a BIG ASS motorcycle) slamed into the side of me...check out ma profile for da fotos
Originally posted by xg300_black_horse

The only way to fix it's image is to stick to conservative colours, traditional squarer rear end and bring out rear-wheel-drive models to satisfy all the country bumpkins here.
So I ask, where are all the Pony's? They even come with points ignition!
Bought a Getz because it fitted my low budget & I wanted a new small car. My previous 4 litre while very nice to drive/powerful is a real fuel burner. Having said that, the Getz is very well equipped with safety features, all disc brakes & unbeatable 5 years unlimited mileage. For personal reasons, I don't like rear drums. So, I hope my new Getz will give me trouble free driving. The only "mod" is K&N panel filter.
i'm gunna do my part for hyundai by making an excel / tiburon hybrid. excel body with 2000 tiburon front end (if i can get them to fit). full interior swap out, engine and gearbox, front and rear suspension and brakes. then after i finish that, i may fit the turbo setup that has been sitting around waiting for something to do.
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