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How Does it Do it?

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I drive an Accent with the new 1.6 DOHC 16v engine...(stock) it only puts out 105hp... but itll take 60 in 8 secs and take out civics, eclipses,all of lexus's 300 seires, freakin v-6 cameros/stangs and some other stuff that far over powers my little pocket rocket. Is it in the gearing? Is it posesed? or does Hyundai just kick some serious a$$?


P.s. this is my first hyundai and for the last year i have never regreated getting it.
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i'd like to know how your car can beat all them myself.

I drive a bumble bee
i drive a 97 gs and i have beaten a 2k1 1.6 but it was auto so i crushed it by 2 1/2 lengths. i have yet to race a manual, and i seem to beat every other accent that i meet on the street, which isn't many.

i don't race that much anymore i need a new clutch and a shortshifter, i lose so much time in a race from my long throw stock shifter and my shitty clutch that grinds into 2nd and 3rd. when i get my clutch problem fixed and get a short throw i will probably take my car to the track and get some official times on it.

I drive a bumble bee
skierd that wasnt a race

I drive a bumble bee
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