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i had a CEL come on awhile ago. finally got it checked, and they cleared the codes and told me it was the 2nd O2 sensor. drove it around for about a week while the sensor shipped, and the CEL came back on by the end of the week. Last friday i replaced the O2 sensor finally.... and its now almost a week and the CEL is still on.

what im askin in, should it turn itself off? or does it have to be reset (and how would I do that...don't want to have to pay someone!) i do kno that if u disconnect the battery for awhile it resets. But i wanted to see if it turned off on its own, cus now this makes me wonder if its <i>not</i> the O2 sensor, or we messed it up putting it in, or somethin. Or does the code actaully have to be cleared out even tho the sensor is workin fine? was the right part, so i kno thats not it.


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