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How to lower?

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Hi all. I am looking at lowering my hole car, and I want to pay special attention to the rear. I seem to drop out in the arse end when I take of quick and and 1-2 and 2-3 gear change. What have you guys done about this.

What would you recomend? Were would I go? Also, how much would I expect to pay? I am getting Kumo tyres to try and stop me wheel spining at take of but I think if I can hold the arse end up while I give it to it I might be able to make a faster time.
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Get some lowering springs fitted. If the car's suspension is already feeling a little "spongey", maybe it also needs some new shocks... so get those done at the same time. I have Pedders springs & KYB shocks & the car feels decent. There are loads of good brands out there though.

Go to somewhere that does suspension to get it done or do it yourself if you have the tools, time & knowhow. Maybe get PSC to do it if you're in Sydney, otherwise just about any place can do it for you.
yea my cars not lowerd yet but i put heavy duty v8 springs from an eb in the front of mine and they seem to hold up alright

But ozfxcoupe is right chande ure shocks and springs at the same time its a hole lot easier.
i had xf springs in the front of mine (choped) but were too stiff and kiled the shocks in no time ive since replaced them with whiteline springs.
i think whiteline offer the BEST packadge it contains
. 45mm lower front 50mm lower rear (progresive rate so it dont bottom)
. koni adjustable shockers
. 3 stage adjustable rear sway bar "front also available but not important"
. strut brace + camber/caster adjusters (front and rear)
plus one ting ive NOT seen ANYONE ELSE offer is
. offset nolathane bushings (cause your stock ones are like marsh mellows) the offset put your wheel back in line after lowering the car "wont get pull left sindrome".
you can purchase all as a kit or individualy.
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