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Remove negative battery terminal, always do this when your working on anything electrical or mechanical, Disclaimer, you must already have your ac compressor removed and components like piping removed, you can find out how to remove you ac compressor simply by clicking on this site
You will first need some socket wrenchs and some grip wrenchs like some 10mm. Take off the plastic covering before your radiator, check that site I just put up there for pictures, you will just need a screw driver to take it off, next, look to your left side of the condesor you will see the freon casister, we have to take this off first before we can do antying, I suggest using your socket wrenchs here, there are two bolts and a sensor that can be easliy taken off, once both 2 bolts and sensor peice is off take of the piping that connects to the freon canister, it just requires a bit of muslce to pull off but easy to do. next take of your radiator mounting brackets, these are easy you just need some grip wrenchs or use your sockets for the bolts, place them down, now if you look at your freon canister you can take it out easliy just by manovering it around and pulling it right up threw the plastics which make the bumper, now look at your braket that held the canister, you MUST take this off first before you take out your condensor, there are two quite difficult bolt behind it that keep it in place, you will need your socket wrench for this, once you finally have these screws out you can remove the bracket the same way you removed your freon canister. Now, you can take off your condensor, push your radiator back so that you can look in and see the two mounting bolts on each side of the condensor, use your grip wrenchs or socket wrenchs for these also, once the two bolts on each side are removed you can then take out your ac condensor, becarefull not to damage any radiator fins, once the condensor is out, put your radiator back in place and mount it firmly with your mounting brackets that you took off earlier, Now look at your condensor fan, its the fan on the left side near your powersteering pump and alternator, there are 4 bolts holding this on and one small sensor, take your sensor off first, its located near the upper part of the fan, easy to take off as well, use a socket wrench to remove your ac condensor fan. Once this is done you may do whatever with the part you took out as you wish. This is just another simple stage of weight reduction, stuff that you don't use, or need, can be taken out. Have fun racing folks.<img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

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