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how-to tips on wiring neons? or other similar stuf

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hey guys, sup? i been thinkin about putting neon(s) in or outside my car, and i was wondering how would i wire one? my friend had two put under his seats, and they are the kind that when u put them, they come with wire that goes to a cigarette adapter. well, he bought them and had em wired at a car audio place, and they turn on and off witha dash switch. i guess they just cut the adapters off and spliced the wires to where they need to go. What i wanna know is, how would i wire a neon (or anything like a neon) on a circuit like that? a wire that goes from neon to ground and a wire that goes from neon to switch to battery? id rather not wire stuff strait to the battery, so where is the power source i could tap into and whatnot. any info greatly appreciated, and if any of u kno any websites that might be helpful, id appreciate it! thanks!

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