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how-to tips on wiring neons? or other similar stuf

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hey guys, sup? i been thinkin about putting neon(s) in or outside my car, and i was wondering how would i wire one? my friend had two put under his seats, and they are the kind that when u put them, they come with wire that goes to a cigarette adapter. well, he bought them and had em wired at a car audio place, and they turn on and off witha dash switch. i guess they just cut the adapters off and spliced the wires to where they need to go. What i wanna know is, how would i wire a neon (or anything like a neon) on a circuit like that? a wire that goes from neon to ground and a wire that goes from neon to switch to battery? id rather not wire stuff strait to the battery, so where is the power source i could tap into and whatnot. any info greatly appreciated, and if any of u kno any websites that might be helpful, id appreciate it! thanks!

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You could run them off of a relay which I would highly recommend you get the power from the battery. Then have the relay switch over when the switch is flipped. It all depends on what switch you want to use, if you want them on with the car or if you want them on with lights. More info should be posted

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