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Rob (and the other Admins.) -

What about bringing back those window stickers again? And it would be cool if we could get smaller sizes of those one that's maybe 2 to 4 inches tall? I know alot of people would buy these...especially because stickers don't cost much to make. Also, it would be great to have HP shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts (I'd play golf in one!), hats, etc. for sale.

Or, if you guys have too much on your hands (I know how hectic running a website, an online store, and an outside life all at the same time can be...), maybe you could try a bit of "outsourcing", giving one of HP's loyal members a sort of "license" to get made and sell stickers and apparel. I know that I personally can get T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and other apparel made for quite cheap, as one of our very good family friends owns a very successful apparel business. I also used to go to school with a guy who has a successful sticker, sign, and banner business, and I could talk to him.

I would be very interested in doing this, and I have the time on my hands to do so. You can e-mail me at the address in my profile (snowskate77 @ comcast . net ---take out the spaces), or IM on AIM (my s/n is rockthecrookedh..hehe). Thanks for your time.


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