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HP loss from 3800 to 4200 confirmed!

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Went to the dealer and a technition went with me, laptop hooked up and all!

There is a downward spike in the ignition timing causing a 20 to 30 HP loss starting at 3800 RPM's and going back to mormal at 4200 RPM's!

And he said there was NOTHING THEY COULD DO ABOUT IT?!

Federal law forces them to apply for permission to fix it and I guess not enough people have complained about it to force Hyundai to do something about it!

He told me I was lucky I did not have the earlier model as it was seriously fuc*ed up!
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A) There is a fix. There is a TSB that takes a few minutes. They just reflash the ecm.

B) Its not a 20-30hp loss.. There is a small torque loss that causes hp to level out instead of climb from 3800-4200rpm, its because of a lean spike.

right click, save as. Print. If you dont have a printer tell them to check out TSB number

Good luck. There is a 1-800 number to call if they keep giving you crap.

link fixed.

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experiencing exact same problem, only really noticeable in 3rd gear on my automatic tranny

thanks WytchDctr for pointing this out, i'm taking this up to Hyundai ASAP
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