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hyundai accent arospeed coilover sleeves.

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here is your chance to get some stiffer springs and get rid of that unwanted bodyroll in your late model hyundai accent!!! these were made for a 95-99 accent but i had them on a 2002 and they were ok, the rear was a little stiff but if you have subs or something they will hold you up for sure. if you want the shocks too great take them. they are pedders shocks imported from australia, fronts are the sport model and the rears are OEM dampening with pedders quality. shocks have maybe 40,000 on them but worked when i took them off to put the true coilovers on. I know used shocks aren't usually on peoples most wanted list but they are taking up space and i would hate to throw them away. $75+ shipping takes everything

they aren't much to look at and the powdercoating (more like cheap paint) has chipped off from years of use but they still work. and theyr'e adjustable too so you can keep your car at stock height or lower it about 2 inches in teh rear, and the front can be about 2" lower in teh front also with the ability to raise it about 1/2 inch. hey for $75 bucks you might as well try it!!!
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send me an email or call my cell listed in the scoupe post. i am just letting you know right now, shipping will probably be just as expensive as the price i am asking depending on where you live. post your zipcode and i will *try* to get an estimate from but that will be a real ballpark figure. i prefer to talk by phone tomorrow and we can make a decision on the spot.
attist, i have to work tomorrow (last minute call). i have to have a decision and payment by 11am tomorrow. get in touch with me on my cell asap, i will call you when i am at the shipping place with an exact quote on shipping somewhere around 10am. sorry to do this i figured i would have all day but hey, i am a slave to the job... :pirate:
so whats up attist?
Hey man, sorry...I didn't read it until like 6:00 tonight...and by then I was late for work and forgot to call you. Do you still have them? And what would shipping be to 60564? I'll be at work tomorrow from 8am-5pm, but you can call me on my cell @ 630-632-5830 during that time and I may be able to answer, or leave a voicemail if I can't. Or just call after 5 and I can almost guarantee that I'll answer. Thanks.
sounds good. my next day off is friday, if I can get someone else back at my parents house to package it up then I can do something sooner but it looks to be friday at this point. ill call you tonight.
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