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hyundai excel fuel system question

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hi, i have a 94 excel and i wanna ask if is all the fuel presure and the fuel injectors of the same year cars like the elantra and the sonata will fit mi excel, and the other think is if the injector is all the same or putting an injector from the elantra to my excel will make some good hp.
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is yours a multi port injection?
to my best understanding, excels are TBI?
fuel pressure is different with MPFI.
you are looking at 20 PSI (for TBI) and 40 PSI+/- (for MPFI)
is a multi port injection and im looking for a 40 or more psi
luisexcel94 said:
is a multi port injection and im looking for a 40 or more psi
i found this the other day, it should help you out.... i'm running the 4g61 injectors in my x2. not a HUGE difference, but i could tell there IS a difference.


the injectors listed above should be replaced with the maf sensor for better results
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thanks jellyfish420 for the info and i want to make youy a quiestion, vbmenu_register("postmenu_704391", true);

the injector of the 4g61 is a drop in or i have to make any modification to the fuel rail or any other part?:confused: vbmenu_register("postmenu_704391", true); vbmenu_register("postmenu_704391", true);
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