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Hello everyone.
I just noticed recently that my gas pedal feels a bit loose, when I put my leg on the gas pedal and try to press it, the first 1-2cm are nothing and not giving any throttle.
I searched online for some solutions and I saw lots of videos of "Throttle Cable Adjustment".
All the videos are about cable which located under the hood with metal nuts 8mm 10mm or 12mm.
The thing is on my vehicle there is no nuts on the cable, there is kinda soft material (probably rubber) and I can't do the steps that I saw on the videos online.
I will attach a picture of how the cable looks like.
Please help me fixing that :)
Thanks in advance!
Edit: Tomorrow I will take a picture of how it looks under the hood.

Hyundai Getz 2004 1.3L 85HP


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