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This (2021 Hyundai Nexo) is my 3rd Hyundai vehicle but can't stop from saying that Hyundai is doing a very bad job in keeping their reputation when it comes to Nexo. I got this vehicle in July 2021 and in this 1 yr, the vehicle went to dealership 5 times and in total stayed in the dealership for almost 2.5 months. They could not fix all the issues as well takes several weeks just to diagnose them. Issues are:
1. Back up camera is dim in cloudy days or at dusk. safety issue to me. Dealership replaced the camera still same, and they are saying Hyundai knows this issue and there is no fix!!
2. Trunk shocks making noise, got replaced.
3. Air whistling noise coming into the cabin from driver side door with al windows roll up completely. Dealership replaced the door insulator but still having the noise. Tired of taking the vehicle to them and keep it for few weeks!!
4. Bluelink did not work from the day of purchase till March 2022 (8 months). I was told several times by Hyundai bluelink tea they are tying to fix it remotely!! it took 8 months to fix in a brand new car!!
5. Hydrogen valve leak- replaced
6. Multiple sensors does not work they should have! while hands on steering wheel, it flashes "keep hands on steering wheel". The front parking sensor suddenly turn red and beeps when the car in front of me is quite fa (I can see their rear tire)!! Dealership couldn't reproduce these, and saying everything is working fine.

Had so much of good experience with prior Hyundai vehicles so decided to try this new tech car from Hyundai. But Hyundai is falling much short in this Nexo. They are so hard to get hold on and discuss the issues. Their customer support if horrible, does not understand (willingness to understand) the issues and inconvenience. Not mentioning aout the issues with hydrogen fuel availability in my area (Sacramento, CA). If the customer service and dealership is not good to take care of these hi-tech vehicles, Hyundai should not sell them. Honestly, based on my this 1 yr experience, I won't go for it again, neither I will suggest my friends to go for it.

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This is the danger of opting in on new technology. There are a lot of new onboard systems being applied to vehicles and on most conventional cars, they are not only unnecessary but also create operational and driving issues that simply didn't exist. Some of these new systems have no failsafe or have removed a failsafe that was being implemented in older generation cars...
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