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Hyundai Pony Coupe, 1974 (pics)

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i happened to find some pics of the pony concept coupe... in 1974...


Body architecture: 4-seat

Overall dimensions (mm): length 4080, width 1560, height 1210

Wheelbase, front and rear track: 2340, 1295, 1275.

Front and rear overhang: 875, 865

Engine position and drive: front longitudinal engine, rear drive

Engine: 4 cylinder in line, 1238 cc/cm3, 82 HP at 6000 rpm

reminds you of

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wrong thread dude.. try the showroom thread... i'm sure this will get moved once cottonmouth wakes up in the morning..
You know me pretty well! LOL;):

So yoon, When do we gt to see some pics on this new Pony project car?

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yeah ive seen those before....but still sure jed has a stash of those pics....maybe thats why he went to the delorian
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