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Hyundai Recalls (Sonata, Accent, Tiburon, XG300)

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the recall this week for <b>four Hyundai models</b>.

Hyundai's recall includes more than 86,500 Sonatas with a defective air bag warning light that could improperly illuminate. The recall of 1999-2001 Sonatas involves vehicles manufactured between March 1998 and November 2000. Dealers will service the front seat side impact air bag wiring harness in the recall, which Hyundai spokesman Mike Anson said was not conducted for safety reasons.

Other Hyundai vehicles involved in recalls include:

More than 42,700 1997-2001 Tiburons built between March 1996 and August 2000 on which driver and front passenger seat belts may not extend and retract smoothly. No accidents have been reported in connection with the problem.

More than 26,600 of the 2000-2001 Accents in 23 cold-weather states made between August 1999 and May 2001. At extremely cold temperatures, moisture in the throttle body can cause a higher than normal idle speed, Anson said. No accidents have been reported in connection with the problem.

More than 1,900 of the 2001 XG300s made between August and September 2000. In some vehicles, improperly manufactured powertrain control modules were installed. The recall is nearly complete, Anson said, and no accidents have been reported in connection with the problem.

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i have the airbag light problem on my car from time to time. i have it at the moment. i have a 95 model. Do you know a site that lists recalls for australian models?

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