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hyundai scoupe turbo engine rebuild kit

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does anyone know where I can find an engine rebuild for a hyundai scoupe turbo??
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what all did you get in yours and what did it cost do you remember??
Junk.... don't buy from dealer....

You get a headgasket, timing belt, forged pistons, rings, bearings, plugs.....
For around 900....

Better than 500 from the dealer for a load of crap.
but it says its not aviable for the scoupe turbo only the scoupe N/A
Sorry.......anything more than a new set of piston rings & valve stem seals......(fitted by yourself) likely to cost more than the car is worth!.

Remember that the last example of this (potentially) great car rolled off the production line well over 10 years ago!.

I know but I really like the scoupe and thats why I own 3 of them and am working on my 4th. one of them is a totaled car though. the totaled one was my first car unfortantlly that lady hit me.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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