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I think this is the article that was mention on the

The Koreas

Hyundai plans inroads abroad with new model

SEOUL - Hyundai Motor Co unveiled its new export-oriented sports car, the Tuscani, on Thursday. The latest model from the stables of Korea's leading carmaker was designed from the outset to take on the highly competitive markets of the United States and Europe.

Two years and 245 billion won (US$191 million) have gone into its development. During the car's coming out ceremony in Seoul, Hyundai said that Tuscani's design incorporates a "new age" style with built-in luxury that should appeal to drivers in their 30s.

The Tuscani will come in two basic models, the top-line Elisa will be powered by a six-valve, 175-horsepower, 2,700cc delta engine, while the GT and GTS models will use a four-valve 138-horsepower, 2,000cc beta engine.

The 2.7 liter model is reported to have a top speed of 222 km/h, with acceleration that surpasses such cars as the Toyota Celica and Mercury Cougar, Hyundai said.

Both engines are made by Hyundai, and the carmaker said it is the first time a Korean-made car has a six-speed manual transmission similar to that found on the Porsche 911. Customers can also opt for the four-speed H-Matic manual and automatic transmission system.

Both systems are coupled with gas-type shock absorbers that will be added as standard options and greatly enhance the performance safety characteristics of the car.

The new sports car will also feature a high-tech brake assistance system, intelligent airbags, window wipers that react to the speed of the car and an internal hands-free mobile phone support system.

Hyundai plans to begin offering the car to domestic customers starting on Friday and expects to sell 5,000 cars on the local market this year, with sales figures reaching 15,000 next year.

Overseas, the automaker plans to debut the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week and begin selling the model late this month and early next month in Europe and the United States. Hyundai hopes to sell 20,000 units this year, followed by 65,000 units in 2002.

Tuscani is the name of a region in northwest Italy. The car will be priced at between 14.8 million and 23.6 million won depending on the engine and options.

(Asia Pulse/Yonhap)
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So.. The Tuscani is coming out at latest October instead of December, 2002, or 2003 in America?<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size=1 id=quote>
please let it be so...


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HMA is planning for a launch sometime in January.


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what is this 138 hp beta engine? Same as tibby right?

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