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Hyundai vs ALL - New Video

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Here's a video from Sunday of this past weekend in Cumberland, MD. The course was very fast on both days, and the run below was good enough for a 3rd place in Street Mod. I was beaten by a Camaro and supercharged Mustang, so I'll take it (and you may be able to tell that I was a little excited).

It was also my first time on R-comps (v710s), so I'm more than happy.

Sorry for the size, my normal video capture and compression software isn't working. If you want to convert it for me and send it back to me to host, I'd appreciate it.


A long video of my Hyundai and my friend's father's Porsche a few weeks ago racing in Cumberland.

I'm the ass dancing.

It's a long video, but enjoy.

and I did beat him...

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yeah, you was moving. and the poor 928 wasnt. nice man. but umm... white guys cant dance. lol
Nice video...good runs. Too bad I never got to do that with my ksports and suspension setup.
Awesome, looks like you were out there to kick some ass. Great job.
It looks like you're driving a go-kart. Score.
bump for new video... see the top
No you car isnt fast at all.. psh...
Congrats :)
Thanks for the kind words. I have another race on Sunday, so we'll see what happens.
Originally posted by Gimp
Thanks for the kind words. I have another race on Sunday, so we'll see what happens.
thanks in advance for posting more videos! and good luck :)
I think I saw you signed up for the same event in the same class, so don't wish me that much luck.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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