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Hey Tuners,
I'm wanna invite everyone in the surrounding states to come out to Reading to have the second Hyundai Meet, The first one was good, But I'll try to make the second one even better, I'll supply the Pizza And Soda ( and no I dont work at a Dominoes or anything )All I ask is to bring $14 bucks so we can head over to LazerQuest and get a triple play going with as many people as we can get, Trust me you will like this place! Than we can go and race the quarter mile .......if of course there are no cops around under this one bridge that people go to, and than we can go racing through country roads just like in the last one ( which I unfortunately missed....because I had to leave early but can imagine how good it must of been )Anyways , we can have it at 3 PM and for Directions use Intesection of Elizabeth Ave.and 5th St. Reading ,Pa 19605 there will be a Hess Gas Station and a Soveriegn bank, the Rita's is directly behind the Soveriegn bank, Please let me know if you guys can come up. I'm guessing we can order the pizza after we go play .I'll make sure I have drinks for when you get there. Anyways I'm hoping we have a good turn out, My Maryland peeps, I went down there now it's your turn to return the favor. Anyways I'll post this on other boards.Talk to you guys later!
Keep on Tuning!

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"I love my life a quarter mile at a time"
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