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Hyundai Motor America has just launched its all new Parts Extranet system. This system can be accessed on under the OWNER INFORMATION section. The official launch date for the system is Monday January 7 but it is available now.
Jump online on Monday January 7 and visit to learn more about it and get signed up for a Test Drive. The new 2003Tiburon website will launch Monday afternoon.

Hyundai CUSTOMS is just around the corner. The big launch is Monday January 14. Have you modified a Sonata, XG or Accent? There are open spots on the Hyundai CUSTOMS section to showcase your car and help promote the products you used to modify it. Send a brief email detailing the modifications you performed and a single photo to [email protected] to see
if you car has the look to be in the CUSTOMS section when it launches! Looking for cars that have a very strong customized appearance. After launching the CUSTOMS section will continue to add more showcase cars on a regular basis.

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