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I am new to the elantra family...

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Hey gang,
I had an 97 Accent GT up until last wednesday when the Tranny died. Anyhow, I Am now the proud owner of and 02 elantra VE. I want to know from the guys that have one (or ones that know) is there anything I need to look out for on the Elantra? I am assuming it is much better built then the 97 accent was, but I am now going to baby this thing and want to know if I should keep my eye on something specific! thanks in Advance!

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So I can assume this car is well built and nothing stands out in anyones mind that I need to watch out for>?>>
Pressure plates suck stock. Id highly reccomend dumping whatever fluid is in the trans right now and adding some Redline MT-90. I went from accent to elantra and the only downside I have noticed is slightly lower gas milage. :D IMO everything else is better.
yah, doing a tranny fluid change this weekend, want to see what the fluid looks like anyhow. SO the clutch is the only issue...I am kool with that!
I just picked up a 2002 Elantra VE myself. This is a great idea for a topic. I'd also like to hear any feedback on the car. I am really going to baby this car and I want to make sure it is extremely-well kept.
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