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I Can't Seem To Get My Two Front Wheels Off...

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Took off the bolts, pulled, puuled and pulled and would not come out. help..?
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Give it a good kick top and bottom. There may be some rust holding it to the hub.
I had to take a block of wood and a small sledge to get my steelies off. The rust binds pretty firmly between the rim and the rotor.
Originally posted by xknightx

Tap around the inside of the wheel (at the hub) and it'll eventually come off. If it doesn't, spray some WD-40 in there to penetrate the rust a little.

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Probably bent ass wheel studs like mine those weak POSs.
Thanks. I tried unbolting the bolts just a bit rolling the car and it came loose...

These Came out.

Put the stock ones back

and I powder coated the others to sell them

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Haha... didn't you JUST paint those gold?
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