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i need help bad

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On the rear suspension assembly thier is a bolt on the top. How do i remove this , i used a 3/4 inch deep socket but it keeps spinning. Is thier a special tool i need or something i need to do?
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That nut removes the strut from the upper plate. Around that large nut should be three smaller nuts. Remove those and the strut will come out. Do not drive your car with that center nut spinning.
i got that part but how do i get the centedr nut off in the rear it different from the ones in the front. The stud coming threw the nut has like a tab or something. is there a special tool i need?
impact wrench full blast

also be damn sure you have the springs compressed before you take that nut off.

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ryan olson, i think i love you. Jk man but thanks alot, i was stumped
my kyb struts that I slaped on last week came with a warning not to use an impact gun
then how do i get the bolt off, im doing this tommorrow
Yeah, dont tighten with an inpact gun, you will blow the seals. DO use to remove.

And to reinstall, i used a pair or vise grips on the saft.. AT THE TOP!!! If you use them to hold it inplace at the bottom, you can scratch the saft, and this will ruin the seals. There ya goes!

Ive done my struts three times.. and yes.. COMPRESS the springs. Its only funny when your freind does it and it blows apart into his shin. Thats funny. When you do it.. oh no it aint :dead:
haha thanx alot, and i appreciate everyones help very much
ok now heres another question. Are my stock shocks going to last, if not what kind do i have to purchase?
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