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I20 2018 engine swap

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I recently got my hands on a i20 from 2018 with a 1.2 g4la kappa engine making an optimistic 84hp, now for your average Joe that's enough but i was wondering how complicated would it be to swap to the 1.0 g3lc tgdi engine , i can find a used one at the wreckers and my dad having a junkyard he could order me parts that i need. Now i know it's too much hassle but because of some circumstances i cannot sell the car so i was wondering if i could swap the engine and maybe remapping it. Also i would be really keen on getting the engine with the 6 speed transmission since my current one it's on it's way out(the car was used before as a commuter car but the entitled lady that drove it since it had 10k and didn't know how to drive well and blame the car for being broken whilst proceeding to destroy it and it got to a point where the car no matter how i try to drive the car would shake when going from a standstill and i know it was broken in correctly because my dad drove it for the first 10k kilometers)
The car now has 108k on the clock and i would really like some pointers on the swap or even if it is doable.
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The diesel is a completely different animal - fuel delivery, exhaust and emissions, engine management... to be honest, not worth the amount of parts swapping and effort. You could however look into using a bigger engine from maybe an i30. No substitute for extra cc's under the hood. I don't know what engine would be compatible but it sounds like the transmission might be the issue. The beauty of your dad owning a scrapyard is that you can physically look at the different engines and determine if they can be swapped. The 2.0L i30 engine makes 120kW and comes with the 6 spd transmission in both auto/manual. 160hp in an i20 would make it a missile... you're going to need a tyre and wheel upgrade along with brakes.
Yea but i would have to fabricate a lot of stuff and I'm really not knowledgeable about mechanics(im 19 and this is my second car), that's why i was looking at the 1.0 tgdi, since it came from the factory, also the engine has to be available from the factory on the model i have otherwise i can't homologate it for road use.
Also i've read, the g3lc engine runs on gasoline not diesel
OK so you have limitations on road regulations - that will reduce your options. You are going to need an intact wreck with the diesel engine to strip out as you will need the complete engine harness with body control modules and the ECU, probably the fuel tank, the instrument cluster, the exhaust - almost everything from the diesel variant. It would be more viable to simply get a replacement low kilometre engine and do an exchange. An engine exchange is more realistic for someone who has some mechanical knowledge and access to equipment like an engine hoist and stand etc.
But I don't want a diesel engine, what I'm looking for is a turbocharged gasoline engine which the 1.0 tgdi is, not to be confused with the 1.1 crdi, that's why im asking how difficult would it be and if anyone attempted so far. I considered turbocharging the 1.2 i have but the compression ratio being higher it would have required more work.
The vehicle is too new for anyone to have attempted a swap AFAIK. You will still be facing swapping fuel tank/pump, exhaust and ECU plus whatever ancillary systems come with the TGDi model. I doubt that there would be any need for custom fabrication (engine mounts, driveshafts etc) to do the swap. Not impossible, but a lot will be involved - the good thing going in your favour is they are the same generation of car.
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