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ignition prob! (battery, coil, other)???

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hmmm. first off ill jsut say my car has- 63K mi (got it used), new plugs (supposedly gapped to spec), and a new battery. however, it is a SMALLLL ass battery. the guys at the shop said "its the only size they make for this car". well that was before id gotten on here, and seen pics of peoples engines, that just happen to have huge (normal size, ahem) batteries in them. U'd have thought the guys would have tryed to jip me and sell me a big ass expensive battery if they knew my car could take it no i figured "i guess they're right..."

anyway, so ive noticed since ive had it (about a month or more) that the car ALWAYS seems to take a few fractions of a sec longer to turn over than any other modern car ive ever started. don't get me wrong its not MUCH longer at all tho (oh..and if i have my lights/radio/whatever on, then start the car, they go the headlights will die then come back on as the car that normal?). And, on some occasions, when i start it insead of just going RRrrRRrr VROOOM like a normal car (except a bit longer) it goes RR-COUGHCAHVROOM. when it does this it actaully starts right up...but like the car kinds 'jolts' to life with a jump and a shake..sorta. wonderin! what do u guys think this could be? the small battery? i dunno tho, since its so inconsistent. I kno from what my dad said about other things it sounds like it might be a distributor thing..but he says ud have probs all the time not just starting, and besides i think we don't even have distributors do we? (98 accent sohc 1.5). dunno..does this sound like an igniton coil thing? or any other type of ignition or otherwise component i may be overlooking or not know about?

Thanks! love havein these boards! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

PS- ooohh, and, what size battery could i put in my car? ..could i maybe just pull the stock battery outta my moms grand am and put it in mine..just to see if its the smaller battery that kills me? thanks again

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