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i'm back and have question.

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Hey been missing the forums...glad to be back i need the help. Ok here is my question. As you may (prob not) recall i had stuck a temporary muffler tip on my stock exhaust just to get by. Well now i have a decent muffler on the way-nuff said. I went to my muffler shop (who is also my Godfather) and was questioning him. Here goes My muffler will have a 2.5" inlet and i was wanting to purchase a high flow cat at 2.5" inches as well and have him build me a catback 2.5" exhaust. His advice was just to keep the oem as my engine is not highly tuned (and will not be for a while...) but he was saying i would have horrible back pressure. Those of you who choose to help i have a 2005 Accent with the 1.6L engine and a shortie aftermarket intake setup-no other engine mods to date. How about some technical help i know it is here so don't let me down eh mates. Thank and sorry to be gone so long i don't have internet....i'm at college right now so free access lol. It may be quicker or easier for you to email me if you like at either [email protected] or [email protected] Peace
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Well 2.5" is a bit large for your setup. You'd want that if you were turbo or something a bit more extreme than an intake.

This is probably what he meant by "not heavily tuned"

Stick with 2 or 2.25. Not sure what muffer you got but you can either exchange that one for a smaller inlet or get the shop to put on a reducer.

Hope that was some help but he's right, too much backpressure isn't good. I wouldn't stick with OEM size tho, it is very small. I went with the 2.25 and all is well after 2 years. It definitely helped performance and fuel economy went up a bit too.
Couple things.. if he is doing a crush bent exhaust.. those are generally not very performance. I would opt to buy a mandrel bent system. Or possibly have him weld together a mandrel bent system.. and not a tube that i bent by the machine.

Here is the myth on back pressure:

2.5 is probably too big for a NA setup. You will sound like a Honda w/ a bad case of the fart cans.. or mad raging bumble bee disease
If thats the kind of set up you want you might want to beef up your engine first.
Thanks for the time spent in the reply. It makes sense...yes he bends the pipes it's not mandrel but i can't afford a cat back pipe system right now i don't think so a mandrel bend is out of the question (sucks) but i figured that the bends wouldn't matter so much as once again i'm not so highly tuned -yet-. To sum it up i should prob run 2" or stick with stock piping and have him adapt my muffler....wish i was rich.
It's not that expensive to get a catback... Mine was $400 including muffler (canadian money) and on the high end as the shop really didn't want to do the work so they gave me a highball price to scare me off. Little did they know I had to get it done and didn't really care how much it costed.

You can probably get it for $200 and seeing as you have a contact at a shop should be able to get a deal.

I wouldn't bother getting a catback if it's crush... just not worth it unless you get a super deal of $50 or something... just get them to put a stock to 2.5 or whatever your muffler outlet is.

I didn't ask for mandrel at the shop i went to and i sure don't have crush with the bumps in the corner so i dunno what I have... could explain the price.

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my car right now is n/a wiht 2.5 inch exhaust form the header back, mendrel bent... it does do the farts sound a littl but onyl when the car is cold, and it does make then bad ass SRT4 bubble under 3000 rpm if you let off the gas... i onyl paid $100 USD for 2.5 inch, mendrel bent, stainless steel from the header back so i got a good deal. i only got it 2.5 inch because i am going turbo soon, but if you are looking to stay n/a, then go wiht 2.25 or 2 inch... just my 2 cents
yeah that sounds right. you got a wicked deal for stainless tho... but yeah you gotta use your contacts Flury. Offer to help out your godfather with friggin yard work or take his ugly daughter to the prom or something. There's no shame in whoring yourself out for a nice exhaust! :??:
Ah the wisdom rolls on this topic. I'm lmfao. Yeah hes really good to me on the price side. I'm gonna go see him Saturday, and how did you get a cat back for 100 USD....that is cheap. Oh FYI his daughter is 4 yrs old got a while to do the prom then i will be uh......42. Yikes.:depressed:
i got my cat back 2.25" for $120 at Best Muffler Shop here in vegas
Oh really thats not that bad......after i talk to him i may be trying to start tracking down a cheap cb system abd look at my muffler sit alone in my bedroom. Thanks
how did i get mine cheap? i got connections ;): lol they guy who did it even added extra hangers for better support.i didnt buy it from anywhere, it was custom
Yeah there's a couple cat backs pre bent that you can buy but $350 plus shipping:

yeah sorry about that daughter comment... but I had to.
Lol i understand. Oh it doesnt matter now my mom just hit my car in the left rear pan. Scratched it up a bit a pulled the bumber off a lil. Ive been wanting to shave those damn stupid side marker/running lights off anyway so now i just got a jump start on my project eh. Sometimes you need a swift kick in the pants........:dead:
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