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O.k. mabye i've read it wrong or mabye i'm just an idiot (prob.). I read the "free mods., clear corners, but i guess i missed something. Am I suposed to take the whole headlight housing out, or just the plastic cover. I tried to get the entire housing off but after I got the 2 screws out i couldnt figure out how to get the housing out of the hole, it was stuck or something. And if I am suposed to take the plastic lens off of the housing how to i go about that one? I saw little clips on the outside of the plastic lens that appear to be holding it on, but when i tried messing with them they acted like they were going to break. By the way I got a 2001 Accent GL. Can it be done on my model?
Another thing I am looking for a 2001 body kit, I found one in HDK but it does not apeal to me too much. I found some sweet ones in other places but not for 2001 or 4 door models.

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