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There is finally a magazine out there who gives a crap about Korean cars!! Import Racer Magazine is the name. Earlier this year, they worked on a Kia Spectra that they modified and ran a few articles on its progress.
We have been in talks with them about featuring some of Team SR's cars, and in the December issue, Summer's (TSR000) Tiburon will have a feature article! Early next year, we hope to get another of our cars in the magazine, but the details on that are hush hush now..

We cannot yet call Import Racer Magazine our official "sponsor" per ce, but to show support for a national magazine representing our cars, I want to try to get them as many subscriptions as possible, so they can see that there is a large Korean Car following here in the USA. To subscribe, go to:

Its only 14 bucks for a year subscription. Perhaps you can put Shark Racing under the company so that they can see how many of us are out there! Post here if you are already subscribed, or if you are going to!
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