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Inserting wire mesh onto the front bar of my x3.

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Hey guys, i'vve kinda been splurging on myself lately and well ive depleted my bank balance to $700. So now im trying to get some of the cheaper mods out of the way while i save up again. Hopefully tomoro ill finish felting my parselshelf, but i was curious of how people actually attach wire mesh to their front bars as that is a track i may go down. I was thinking black mesh. I reckon it will look schmik on my bottle green car.

Thats the same front bar, and the same colour, altho a different car. And... where do you reckon i should put the mesh? i was thinking in the like oval at the top of the bumper, then somehow covering the middle with mesh in an attempt to totally change the appearance.

What do you guys reckon?

Cheers, Anand. :lol:
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