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Installed custom Intake!

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Well, I went back home this weekend from college, and made myself a CAI... I bought a ractive filter off of ebay, and found all the other necessary materials at Home Depot!

The cars sounds incredible. At high rpms it just makes everyone stare, and tunnels just shake!

Well sound wouldn't do anything without performance, and I damm sure feel the difference. Especially on the highway, because I have it set up almsot as forced induction... I have the hosing right down to where the fog lights would go.. if you have a good eye, you'll be able to see it on my pics page in my website... I forgot to take a pic of the engine bay.
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sup dawg, i just recently made (finished, actually just this evening)my own custom CAI. i haven't even drivin the car yet tho! anyways i have a 98 accent gsi. what i was wonderin was..when i bought it, it already had a naxos muffler on it, and i noticed you also have one on ur website. anyways, i was u hear like a popping, kind of gurgle sound when u let off the gas? (especially when i just sit and rev) I do, its done it since i got it 3 weeks ago, and im wonderin what the hell it does it for. ...the CAI just amplifies this sound along with everything else!

thnx, Travbo

Accent GSi (98, black)
Naxos muffler
Clear side markers
Custom front grills

Custom CAI soon...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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