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Intake V3.0

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I started with a short ram, It was ok other than a loss of power under 2k rpms. Upper rpm gain was nice, so was the sound.

Switched to a full CAI, regained lost torque and then some. Nice gains up top, very quiet

Well my AEM broke and it floods to much here so I made a semi CAI

I think this damage happened before I did my mounts but I dont feel like gambling 40 dollars to try again

after finding this broken (BTW it wasn't totally snapped on the car just after I tried to take it out) I cut the lower pipe and made a flexable pipe thing to stop furthur stress from engine movment.

yes i know i need to clean the engine bay......

What I noticed
- Same low end torque as full cai
- Same top end pull
- Doesn't get "boggy" after driving all day like SRI did
- VERY freakin noisy when you go WOT above 3k, sounds like a b16 going into vtec... skeird sent me a video and i varified that, lol

My arse dyno says it has the same performance gains as a "normal" accord intake for the elantra just with a lowered chance of hydrolock and alot more noise... if you like that kinda thing. Id rather have the lower noise but thats just me. Ill take a sound clip when I find a charger for my camera.

Lastly I need to find a way to brace the battery or turn it to the side. For some reason its over another 1/4 inch from when I had a CAI.... maybe it just seems like it. Either way I fear that battery holder plastic thing is going to break one day. :dead:
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your so lucky.. such a little battery. There is NO way i could do that in my car.
Originally posted by wilburisthecoolest
your so lucky.. such a little battery. There is NO way i could do that in my car.
Small but heavy.
you think i can do the same with my accent once i beta swap??? what car is that cai from ???
generic accord 4cyl CAI from ebay piping. I had to cut the final pipe down alot. You might have to cut some out of the first and mid pipe, but im not sure on how well it would work.
What you need to do is duct some cold air from the fog light hole right up underneath the filter. I did it the same way, works very well.


Medium Cold Ram Air Intake

You can turn the battery tray diagonaly. Battery works as a heat shild to the filter.
All I have to do that is duct tape the vents just in front of the tire. I dont have foglights so the area right under the filter is getting a good amount of air. Im going to try that turn the battery thing soon.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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