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A lot of people have been fretting over how Hyundai could only get 195hp out of a 3.5 engine. However, the XG 350 has lots of go. Car and Driver just did a report on the sedan class and it placed 4 out of 8. On the quarter mile, the only car that was faster was the Nissan Altima 3.5SE. It tied the 200hp 225lb. buick regal, beat the impala with the exact same numbers by .3 seconds, beat the 200hp, 190lb intrepid se by 1.2 seconds, beat the 200hp 200 torque taurus by .5 seconds, beat the 200hp, 195lb. honda accord lx v-6 by .3 seconds, and beat the Camry V6 which has 192 hp and 209lb. by .2 seconds. The altima beat it by .7 seconds. The reason, even though it was the heavist of the car by two hundred pounds? (424 over the accord) They say because its the only 5 speed automatic in the group
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