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I have an "hyundai accent 2004" purchased from Turkey. I have exactly the same "brake/abs problem" for the santa-fe model described below. In my case, the problem occured 2 times during 5 months (17000 kilometers) (So I must be lucky).
I have visited two seperate official car service (dealer) of Hyundai located in Ankara Turkey for 4 times. Both dealer could not find any failure or wrong thing on the brake system of my car. I have called Hyundai TURKEY call center 8 times. They did not accept the failure of my car unless i show the brake failure. Obviously it is not possible to show the failure instant if i don't make an accident. Finally, they advice me to go to the court if i insist on repairing or changing the brake system. As a summary Hyundai Turkey did not accept the intermittent abs failure of my car and they act as if i am liar.

So, is there anybody having this problem before and a solution of this problem. Additionally, If I want to contact Hyundai Korea technical department , could you please give me an e-mail address that can be helpful for me.
Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Hi! I have a 2003 Santa Fe with AWD. In the last 6 months the brakes have failed 3 times. The dealer can find nothing wrong. What happens is when hitting the brake it makes a loud grinding noise and has tremendous pressure in the brake petal itself. The petal kinda pushes bake and pulsates for a moment. After that inital failure, it brakes fine. Last week it did this as I was trying to stop at an intersection. I flew right out into the middle of the street and somehow managed to not get hit. My 3 year old daughter was with me. Like I said, the dealer has been driving it for a week and has looked at everything possible and cannot find a thing wrong with it. I can't possibly drive this knowing what could happen to my family. Does anybody have any ideas? Please respond if you have ever heard of this problem. Thanks so much guys!!

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