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Is blacking out your tailights illegal?

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I've seen alot of people on this board that have blacked out their tailights. Since that I ain't able to change the ones that I have I might just black them out. Does anyone know if in Canada they are illegal?
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They shouldn't be. As long as you can see the color of the ligth (brakes, turn signal) than you should be fine. Then again Canada is a different place than California.
haha it might be, you know all the snow we get compared to you...
To a certain extent, no it's not. For example, take a look at the new Chevy Trailblazer's tail lights, or the ones on a newer-model Dodge Stratus...they're pretty dark.
Yeah but those are stock though, so wouldn't they have to meet certain requirments for transportation motor vehicle act?
It's all about the darkness of them. Tinted windows are a good example. If you get them at, say, a 20% tint from the factory, any other 20% tint (whether done personally or professionally) on a non-factory tinted car is perfectly legal. They can't make something legal from the factory, but illegal when non-factory.
Yeah but window tint doesn't effect rather if other drivers can see you or not. When it comes to lights I just want to know if its going to be legal. In someways it is obstructing the light distance that the light can shine, but you can still see it.

Hmm I could always change the tailight bulbs to LED and that could solve that problem, maybe?
Good luck changing them to an LED setup...that's an entire conversion right there.
I now see why you are asking this here as i did a few searches on google and it's really hard to find specific laws for your province.

First I would say the dark tails on your silver car wouldn't look the best. But this is my opinion only.

You're best off calling the local police general info line and ask what the law says. I know a girl here in SK and she's gotten in trouble for her taillight covers she had so it's very possible that you would have the same laws in AB. At the very least you could get away with it but there could be that one cop who likes to pick on young guys who mod their cars and get slapped with a fix-it ticket. If you use the spray on tint to darken them this would be a big headache to fix and could end up costing ya a few hundred for new OEM tails.
I've heard of people getting tickets (I live in BC Canada) bogus or not for what the police described as not being able to tell the difference between signal mode lights (night time, no brakes) and brake light on. With heavy tinting on the full surface of the lights.

id get some brighter bulbs if I did that, like some silverstar or piaa, maybe bright led bulb replacments.
Here's the website for your Traffic Safety Act:
I glanced through it, but I couldn't find anything.
You may have to go to your local police station and ask them.
so the short answer. Is no.
As for how it would look, I did a photochop of my Silver car with darkened tails...and it has the potential to look really good. If done right, that is.
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I think it looks better for black cars but a black car with tints and tinted back lights is asking for trouble lol.
I don't think that I am going to do it, it is too much of a hassle. I was driving behind a black truck yesterday and his lights were smoked out. I got right up behind him at a stop light and I could hardly see his brake lights, and I am sure in bad weather its not any better.

Thanks for the help you guys in making my decision.
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